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Understanding the Brand | The Brand | SIU

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Despite some common misperceptions, it’s not a logo, tagline, or particular color. Those things are all part of delivering a brand — along with the image we convey and the messages we send via advertising, web, and print materials. But a brand is much more than all of those things. For SIU, it’s the feeling prospects get when they visit our campus. It’s there in the sincerity of the handshake between an admissions counselor and a parent. It’s found in the delivery of the presentation given by our faculty at national conferences. It’s on display at graduation in every expression of confidence and accomplishment.

You might be wondering: “If it’s in a handshake, then why am I reading this ‘book’?” Because while you are living a part of it, you need to be fully immersed in our brand—know its language, how it looks and sounds. You need to know what the SIU brand is built on, the pledge we are making, and what makes us stand apart from everyone else. And understand that together, we are the brand.