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Every communication from SIU is an opportunity. It’s a chance to create believers, change minds, and reinforce a sense of pride. And since every interaction with the University creates a brand impression, it’s better to ensure that it’s the right impression. We developed the 2012 Welcome Kit knowing that even after a student is accepted, we still have work to do.

The Welcome Kit serves a utilitarian role: get admitted students to finalize paperwork and enroll. But for many students, SIU is one of three colleges where they’ve applied. This is a crucial moment in the enrollment process, and the Welcome Kit needs to serve another role: get students to see themselves on our campus. Sense of place is just as important now as it was when they saw the Viewbook. They need to feel the culture and get excited about the campus experience. To do this, we used campus beauty shots and infused brand messaging throughout—taking ample opportunity to congratulate them on their accomplishments and promising that if they enroll at SIU, these accomplishments will be the first of many.

Welcome Kit