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The Undergraduate Admissions page is where prospective students can find answers to many questions they might have about the University.

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1. Admissions Tactical Navigation This set of links has been slimmed down to allow visitors to quickly complete key transactions in the Undergraduate Admissions section. The links persist on every page across the section.

2. I want to know The purpose of this item is to ask some of the questions prospective students have or might not know they have. It also highlights other areas of the Undergraduate Admissions site.

3. Going places This section gives prospective students a window into the opportunities at the University by featuring a quote from recent alumni. These stories feature a recent alumni’s name, major, and a quote about what they are currently doing. These stories are about a postgraduation experience that is unexpected.

4. We want to meet you This section will list any upcoming undergraduate admissions events the University has. Whether it’s an open house, a road visit, or the University’s campus tours, you will find it here.