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The new home page of has been reconfigured to enhance the exciting happenings university-wide. The home page serves as a first impression for many visitors and should tell stories that speak to big things within reach.

SIU Home Page

1. It’s About Access The home page was deliberately designed around accessibility for the user, which also ties into “big things within reach.”

2. Main Slide Show & Facts This section is the most prominent section on the home page. We want visitors to explore quick, surprising stories that have a unique and unexpected image as the entry point. We also want visitors to quickly see some facts they might not have known about the University.

3. SIU Events This section is reserved for a quick list of the University’s upcoming events. The Noteworthy section is for student activities where visitors can get involved or learn about something they might not have been exposed to previously. Therefore not every big campus event would necessarily be considered appropriate for Noteworthy.

4. Top News and Updates Sections These sections are reserved for the top stories from Research, Student Life, Admissions, and general campus headlines. These sections should stay focused on their individual purpose to deliver a consistent message.