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Brands live and breathe online. More and more students are doing all of their college research via the web. And it’s no longer rare for our first contact with a student to come in the form of a completed application. Stealth applicants are getting the institutional line and the unofficial scoop on the same screen.

Influencers (parents, guardians and guidance counselors) also use the web to understand what colleges and universities have to offer. So it’s more important than ever for our web presence to demonstrate the SIU brand as well as make it easy for very different audiences to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting lost or frustrated.

To do this, we simplified the navigation, making it easier to find the colleges and directing audiences to appropriate pathways. We infused brand messaging on as many pages as possible—since searchers can enter websites at any page that Google directs them to. And we also created a redesigned home page and a new template that reflects the brand and ensures it will be consistent across the site.

The following will break down some of the thinking behind the brand strategy and show you exactly why our new templates work.