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After concept testing, we immediately went to work creating several pieces to recruit a new class of students, starting with the Viewbook.

It was vital to the project to convey the authentic SIU experience. So we identified and interviewed four current students—each representing an important SIU experience: from high achiever to first-generation student.

We also selected these students because they exemplify the brand and the idea that SIU has all the brains of a nationally ranked research university with all the heart of a small college.* Through these students, prospects can begin to understand what we mean when we say, “At SIU, big things are within reach.” It brings the brand alive.


*Showing Brains/Heart

You’ll note that the student pictured is profiled in two very different photos. This was purposely done to convey the balance of brains and heart found at SIU. The image on the left expresses academic rigor while the one on the right demonstrates how personal relationships boost the academic quality. The copy was also written to convey this idea while operating in stand-alone paragraphs.


We designed a way to make SIU distinctive to two audiences in the prospect pool. Using tailored messages in the intro and guiding the prospects to selected pages that fit their strengths, we created two versions of viewbook: one for high-achieving students who need to know that SIU has what it takes to meet their ambitious goals and another for those who want to know that they will be supported every step along the way. This was crucial to boosting the caliber of the entering class, while maintaining our mission of access to those with the potential of developing into accomplished scholars.


1. The customized message panel for solid performers stresses support and access. We also call out the pages in the viewbook that demonstrate the first-generation experience as well as opportunities to join student organizations.

2. The high-achiever message panel promises that SIU is equipped to accommodate even the largest ambitions. We encourage these students to check out the pages of the Viewbook that highlight undergraduate research and the honors experience.