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Use the following font families for communications material. This system uses both font families either separately or together to promote the brains and heart motif discussed throughout this book. This blending can be seen on certain print examples and is used throughout this brand book on the divider pages.

The Univers font family provides a foundation and does the heavy lifting in communicating the general look and feel of the creative. Its various weights allow for flexibility and creative expression, and it should be used as the primary font.

See section 4 for examples and page 6.4 for additional information.

In cases where these fonts are not available, a set of substitute fonts has been selected. Please review the introduction and Section 4 of the SIU Visual Identity Manual for details and info about how to purchase these fonts.

Serif text: used primarily for large headlines and intermediate sized text


San serif text: primary font for use in both headlines and text
Substitute fonts are: Helvetica, Ariel