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The following visual graphic details are in use throughout the enrollment communications and promote visual identification aspects of the brand.

Using a standard treatment of the university name on covers of printed material.
Use the following style of typography for the mastheads of all recruitment print pieces. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY all caps Univers 75 Black, set with +50 tracking. CARBONDALE is smaller with +200 tracking. Coloration depends on the context. See examples such as the viewbook, welcome kit, road piece, and others.

SIU Carbondale banner

Higher contrast color filtration.
For the current enrollment campaign (shown in Section 4), we have chosen a post-production effect to people-based imagery that goes beyond “as-is,” and is a style that is higher in contrast, slightly more granular, brighter in highlight, and less saturated in tone. We have used the Photoshop-based software called Color Efx Pro, which has a complex filtration effect shortcut called “Bleach Bypass,” which allows the sense of “in the moment” to come to the surface.

We recommend that photography used for external marketing conform to this style. For information on these production effects, please contact University Communications at 453-2276.

Higher contrast color filtration

Higher contrast imagery over color fields.
Grayscale images over color provide opportunity to use photography in more subtle ways. Grayscale imagery can range from higher contrast of all tonal ranges through near posterization of 3⁄4 shadow tones.

higher contrast imagery over color fields

The blending of type faces.
Combining SIU fonts gets at the brains/heart motif. The Perpetua font connotes welcoming personality, academic rigor, intellect, and access. The Univers font expresses drive, endeavor, opportunity, and personal challenge. Use size to differentiate and for emphasis.

The blending of type faces

Use of the SIU logomark as decorative element.
The SIU logomark may be used as an isolated design element to promote visual identification. It may be used in the following ways: as a light tint screen of black overprinting lighter background colors; as a middle range tint of black overprinting solid SIU Maroon; as a tint of white reversed out of simple photography. This element is intended to be used at a relatively large size. For further information see the SIU Visual Identity Manual.

use of the SIU logomark as decorative element