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Like the messaging, the images need to be tailored to fit the audience. And with a single glance a photo can convey an idea that is instantly applied to the entire institution.

With this in mind, we’ve created a photographic look that supports the main brand message (big things are within reach) through a blend of imagery styles that convey spontaneity as well as purpose. This editorial style allows us to capture all kinds of photography— from candid moments to portraits with a common point-of- view. It’s an approach that tells a story, conveys a feeling of authenticity, and lends a sense of importance to both individual photographs and series.

The key element: always show the subjects in an environment where everything that they need is available to them. Tools are at hand. Mentors and peers are close by. The imagery we’ve captured here communicates that immediacy. While not all of the photography was candid, the effect for the viewer is one of being in the moment. It’s important that viewers feel as if they are standing there with the subjects— it’s vital for the sense of place we need to convey.

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